Grrrl Zine Fair is made up of live events, zine workshops, Grrrl In Print zine and a feminist zine library. It platforms women and non-binary artists and is comprised of a self-publishing fair, panel talks, performances, live music, exhibitions and workshops

created and curated by artist Lu Williams.

Zine making through Grrrl is presented as an adaptable way of making objects and literature outside of academic or capitalist endeavors. It is a way of elevating craft labour and democratised production in a context which is accessible to communities outside of the insular art world. Zine workshops breakdown hope to breakdown hierarchies and provide a creative outlet, as both a way of sharing your voice and a form of self care.

Lu Williams is a queer, working class artist living and working in Essex. They create cross disciplinary artworks, events and printed matter with a focus on DIY culture, workshops, intersectional feminism and working class culture. Grrrl Zine Fair functions as a collaborative project with revolving collaborations between artists, partners and brands exploring contemporary feminism.