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Grrrl Zine Fair is run by artist Lu Williams and celebrates contemporary feminism though zines, live events, practical workshops and a pop up library that tours the world. 

Grrrl has been collecting zines from fairs and receiving donations for the last four years and has amassed 500+ feminist zines. 

The library currently functions as a pop up at events and exhibitions and has traveled overseas. Its home when not on the move is at artist run space, The Old Waterworks, North Rd, Southend-on-Sea SS0 7AB. You can visit! Just email

A portion of the library is also brought along to zine workshops to inspire and show the diversity of zines to attendees. 

How do I make a zine? 

Grrrl runs zine making workshops in schools, universities, galleries, community centres and institutions. 

Workshops include a talk on zine history, Riot Grrrl and contemporary zine culture. Workshops include materials and worksheets, from folding techniques to binding and collage. A portion of the Grrrl Zine Library is also bought along in a portable workshop case for attendees to look through. 

Grrrl workshops range from drop in sessions, 2 hour sessions and all day classes and will give you the tools to make your own zine.

All booking enquiries should be sent to

Grrrl curates and creates events that span across the creative industries. 

Mixing art, publishing, music, performance and film, Grrrl platforms voices marginalised by mainstream media. 

Inspired by Riot Grrrl's 'Grrrls To The Front' Movement, our events act as a celebration of the DIY feminist community, creating an environment made by and for women, non-binary, LGBTQIA* people and allies.

Zine Fairs

Our name sake; zine fairs are integral to Grrrl events, with up to 60 self published feminist titles at an event so far. 

Since the first fair in 2015, Grrrl has established a truly diverse and strong network of zine makers and DIY artists across the UK, with regulars including Sister, FEM, Birdsong, Polyester Zine, Liv Wynter, OOMK, Sophie Brampton, Housemans Books, Hanecdote, Cheer Up love, Chloe Sheppard, Bricks Magazine, Rachel Louise Hodgson, Cuntry Living, Disaster Zine, Breakdown Press, Typical Girls Magazine and The Feminist Library.

During events like our pop up shop at Soho Radio x Jagermiester and for communal tables at larger fairs we act as a distributor for small publishers. 

Talks, Panels Discussions, Screenings and Exhibitions.

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Delivering a talk on UK zine culture and the overlap between art and activism at Art Book in China, Times Art Museum, Beijing.


Running alongside Grrrl Zine Fairs you'll find drop in, group and individual workshops that range from self care to self defence. Workshops are free to attend and are an opportunity for visitors to learn skills directly from artists, makers and musicians. 

Past events have included workshops from Nail Transphobia, Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club, Arts Sisterhood UK, Portable Print Studio Screen Printing, Giant Triplets Eco textile printing, Guitar lessons, Drum lessons from Freer Ideas, garment customisation with Sugar Storm and Friends In The Dungeon Press on Risographing. 


Peach Club at Moth CLub for Grrrl Zine Fair.

Grrrl puts together diverse line ups that promote bands and DJ's who care about creating a safe culture for womxn at music events.

Harassment is not tolerated at our shows and we promote Girls Against's policy, providing volunteers to act as a point of call for attendees and making sure there are safe spaces at venues with gender neutral toilets. Events are always made as accessible as possible.

Our stage at Village Green Festival see's an all women,

non-binary, transgender and lgbtqia* line up.