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Current Artists

Arcade Campfa

12.10.19 - 2.11.19

16 Queen's Arcade, Cardiff CF10 2BY, UK



Danielle Braithwaite-Shirley

'This Is Our Space'

Repurposed floor sign, vynal, acetate

Danielle creates work that seeks to archive black trans experience. They use technology to imagine our lives in environments that centre our bodies...
Those living, those that have passed and those that have been forgotten

https://www.daniellebrathwaiteshirley.cRepurposed floor sign, vynal, acetate om/


Rosa - Johan Uddoh

'Who We Are As A Couple'

Performance Script

(b.1993, Croydon) is an artist exploring an over-identification with places, objects or celebrities in British popular culture, decolonisation, and the effects of this on self-esteem.

Making work across ceramics, performance, fan-fiction and sound, she is still influenced by her architectural background, rooting stories in specific spaces and materials.



Padma Rajendran 


Dye on silk with vinyl and stitching and postcards

Women are able to hold onto cultural elements of homeland much differently than children and men, how does the immigrant woman create and sustain her stories? I consider how I can honor these stories to bring them out of hiding. I am interested in the aftereffect of migration on interior and domestic life. The role of women and interior spaces are linked. I am curious about the unseen experiences and traces of labor that are lost to time and consumption. This disintegration connects to cultural loss which accrues from migration.

Home is a tended space, where the decorative beckons prosperity to flourish. I am engaged in the symbolism of “fruitfulness” within the home and how this blessing and burden has traditionally derived from the female body. The work on fabric conjures forms that are personal translations of shrine and monument. The vulnerability and trauma of moving from one place to another gets overlooked unless it is part of one’s personal history. I merge the personal, symbolic patterns, and textile structure to communicate the quest for prosperity and homecoming.

Source: http://www.maakemagazine.com/padma-rajendran




Manifesto paste up

Girl Forum aims to be an intersectional and intergenerational network for artist and art workers, challenging the current conditions of the art world through a model of care, generosity and mutual support.

http://madeleinepledge.com https://www.girlforum.org


Ruth Jones

Taking Space, Sharing Space and Taking Care are the primary concerns for a curatorial, collaborative, intersectional, feminist art practice.



Madeleine Pledge

Isa Genzken's Blue Leather Jacket

Glacé kid leather, polyester satin, rib knit polyester, zips

Be Soft But Not Too Soft

Unfired clay (hand modelled), zips, natural hair dye

Madeleine Pledge works via replicas and remakes, using the designed languages of clothing and furniture to approach bodies, subjects, objects, and power. Recent exhibitions include 'Portrait for a Screenplay of Beth Harmon', Tenderpixel and 'The Weather Garden, Anne Hardy curates the Arts Council Collection', Towner Art Gallery.



Rachel Fallon

PIMP - Snowflakes and Bleeding Hearts Quilted

Oilcloth, print, mixed media, textile.

Fallon’s work explores themes of protection and defence in domestic and maternal realms. Her practice encompasses sculptural work in metal, textile and paper; drawing, performance and photography.

Conflicts and ambivalences within familiar territories inform the initial choice of materials and technique for each work. The methods of making are crucial to revealing new ideas and resolving thought processes intrinsic to the original starting point of the piece.

As well as an individual practice, Fallon also works in collaborative groups and collectives, both in Ireland and England. The two disparate ways of working feed into one another and are therefore equally important parts of her practice.



Lu Williams

Whims of Her Own

Custom crowd control fabric barrier, mirror.

Lu Williams create cross-disciplinary  artworks, events and printed matter with a focus on DIY culture, workshops, intersectional feminism and working class culture. 

Lu Williamsis founder of Grrrl Zine Fair which celebrates contemporary DIY feminism though zines, live events, practical workshops, and a pop up library.



Beth Morris



Beth Morris is a Cardiff based collage and book artist. Her work delves into surrealism, feminism and the subversive. Her collage work tends to be filmic with it’s own narrative that the viewer can interpret.


Katayoun Jalili

Printed GIF on paper.

Katy Jalili is a genderqueer Iranian born multidisciplinary artist, performer and writer based in London. Katayoun's visual art work focuses on physicality. They use their own body as the subject to discuss, poke fun, and disturb, through using digital mediums such as gifs, video and polaroid photography. They have exhibited their work nationally and held their first solo show in Academy of Fine Art-Prague (Winter 2018).





Madeleine Pledge


Katayoun Jalili


Danielle Braithwaite-Shirley


Padma Rajendran