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Approximate plan of speech for the defense of the diploma

  1. Presentation of the thesis topic.

  2. The main objectives of the work, as well as the relevance of the chosen topic.

  3. Subject, object of research, as well as the period of its implementation.

  4. The content of Chapter 1 in a short but informative presentation.

  5. The main vectors of the research carried out on the topic, outlined in Chapter 2, as well as the identified shortcomings and possible ways to resolve problems. It is important that all the assumptions made in the work are logically consistent with the justification contained in Chapter 3. Otherwise, the commission will have many questions that the speaker is unlikely to find answers to.

  6. In the final part of the report, it is best to draw a general conclusion on the developed topic.

As a rule, the volume of the report does not exceed 5 pages of Word text format with a font of 14 points and one and a half line spacing. paper writer service must not forget to prepare the so-called handout for the report. During the defense of their work, students often use pre-prepared illustrative material, which is called handout. It is used as a visible aid, demonstrating and proving certain provisions and theses of the study. Information from the handout is selected by the student himself in accordance with the material discussed in the explanatory note to the work. Such materials may include various figures, tables, graphs, and so on.

To make your handout visually appealing, we recommend that you bind or otherwise bind your handout. This material is distributed to each member of the SAC.

What should be taken into account directly when defending a diploma? It is absolutely normal to feel a little nervous at such an important event. The vast majority of students face anxiety at the defense of their diploma. It is important to try paper writer not to allow excessively strong excitement, which will prevent you from reporting your material clearly and clearly. To calm down, you can interrupt your report for a minute, take a deep breath and then continue after the words with apologies. The commission, as a rule, adequately and normally perceives such pauses, and even a short break will help to calm down a little and confidently continue the report. To check the level of student preparation after the completion of the report, members of the commission almost always ask questions. As a rule, these questions relate to controversial theses from the thesis. It is important not to be silent for a long time when answering these questions, and it is even allowed to enter into a small discussion with the members of the commission. Prolonged silence is unacceptable during the main report on the work.

After answering the additional questions asked, the student is given the floor again to supplement his speech. It is quite possible that during this short time the student will remember something important and significant on the topic, which was not voiced during the main speech. After the speeches of all graduates, an open meeting of the SAC is held, during which the results of each student who defended his diploma are discussed. If the defense of the work is recognized as successful, then the graduate is awarded the qualification of a true specialist.

In order for the nervous and exciting graduation event to be successful and without unnecessary worries, it is recommended to apply the above tips. In this case, not only will it be possible to achieve the desired result, but also to do it without hassle. It remains only to wish the legendary student "no fluff, no feather"!

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