Say hi to our newest zine-making kit, it's tiny but packs a punch! The perfect accessory for those who love stationery, self-publishing, or who are having ideas on-the-go (covid permitting). This mini zine-making kit supplies you everything you need to self publish little publications, is super portable and makes a very cute yet practical accessory.

 In this kit you will find: 
- A variety of colored paper and card - Bulldog clip 
- Binding Kit (2 waxed threads + needle) 
- Stapler 
- 400 staples 
- Scissors 
- Tape + dispenser 
- Staple unpicker 
- Pencil with rubber 
- Tag with zine binding guide 
- PomPom
- Holographic Bag with keyring and carabiner attachments 
- Video link to our zine-making tutorial (20 minutes) 

Further Material info: You also have the option to pick your bag and pompom colour. 

Each kit bag is made of super durable plastic, so please reuse it into the future. The plastic and metal elements can be recycled- should you no longer use them. The waxed thread is great for bookbinding as it does not tear paper and can be unpicked. Its made from polyester wax- protect the bees!!! The pompom is made from a faux fur and is super soft :) I do hope you enjoy your new little self-publishing pal :)

Mini Zine Making Kit

Pom Pom