Frequently asked questions

What do insurers class as a modification?

Van modifications are any changes or additions made to your vehicle after it left the factory, factory fitted optional extras are not included.

Do Modifications affect van insurance?

This will depend on the modification that have been made, and your insurance provider, modifications to your vehicle can affect your van insurance positively or negatively.

Below are some modifications that will negatively affect your price with mainstream insurance companies

• Turbo engine modifications

• Exhaust changes

• Air filter

• Spoilers

• Tinted windows

• Updated brakes

• Suspension

• Special pant work

Do you have to declare van modifications?

If your Van has been modified, you must declare – even if these modifications were made by a previous owner. Failure to declare could result in your insurance being invalidated. As the policyholder the responsibility is on you to declare all modifications.


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