Here are some causes we support and think you should too:


Zines for Period Poverty


Smashing the stigma around periods is integral if we want to end period poverty and the sanitary product industries use of one use plastic.


Grrrl's Periods zine features a homage to Amika George, an activist and creator of #FREEPERIODS, statistics, organisations you can support which help to end period poverty and eco, reusable menstruation products you can buy to reduce your plastic use #ENDPERIODPLASTIC (click here to sign the petition) as well as cramps, leaking- for a fraction of the cost. Please read, share and consider donating eco products to a menstruation poverty charity of your choice.

The Homeless Period Project

Bloody Good Period

Free Periods

End Period Plastic

IM ON campaign



Action Aid

Level Up is a UK based organisation aiming to end sexism. They create campaigns, petitions and forms that help push through policies via campaigning and make it easy to respond to government public consultations. Please find below a link to changing the way sex ed is taught in school. We'd like to see it include teaching consent, LGBTQIA experiences and online relationships.